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A BIG Uptate

Tumblr has been down for a few hours and isn't showing any sign of improvement, so I thought this might be the perfect time for an update! 

I'm sorry I haven't been around. Actually, that's not true- I HAVE been around, just not posting any entries. If you see any of the Benedict Cumberbatch posts on ONTD you'll see that I've actually been quite active. My god, that place is one big hell hole and if I stray out of that little tag (and related ones) I'd be lost forever. I try to inject some sanity to the place but as those who have seen the community know, that's practically worthless. It is quite fun though. XD

I am officially a college graduate! I moved out in late may, and after that I took a few voice lessons. My stressful situation with Five Towns is a long one that I'm sure I've mentioned quite a few times in here so I'm not going to explain the whole thing now. Anyway, since it was the summer and the professor (who was the chair of the vocal department) understood my issues, I only did 5 and received an A-. My parents were really pissed off because I paid for an entire course but I was somewhat relieved that I didn't have to do a jury. I waited for months, and I finally received my bachelors degree in Music Business about 2 weeks ago.

My best friend Chris and I are still pretty close though he lives hours away from me. He came over to my house in August for 2 days and it was almost like the old times in college. Wish he could stay longer though. I'm notorious for not talking to people I know in real life who I don't see on a regular basis so it's been incredibly hard keeping in touch. I try to talk to him on the phone once a week though, and every time it's like we haven't been away from each other at all. It's usually for about an hour, late at night in my craft room in the garage. The laughing and weird noises we make usually wakes my mom up lol. I actually learned that he hasn't really been talking to his old friends either, so it's as if we only have each other.

Chris has been extremely busy. He works at the YMCA like he did when he was in Five Towns, and he also has an internship as an event planner in a small entertainment company. Almost every time I talked to him over the summer he would nag about me not making an effort to find a job that has to do with my degree. I said to him that while I would love to eventually love a job, right now I need to dedicate my life to my jewelry business since it's my only source of income. If I were to get a job it would most likely be an unpaid internship and I can't afford to do that since I'm drowning in college loan fees! Things have been looking up as far as my business though, so lately he hasn't really bothered me about it.

I'm a little disappointed because one event Chris is planning is a huge formal gala in November, where many people from the Entertainment industry would be. I asked if he could bring a date and he said he most likely could but I'd have to help out in some way. Turns out that the event is near his house (which wouldn't really be a problem but still, hours of traveling and I'd most likely have to stay over his place for the night) and at the same time I have a craft fair. A rather large one, which is over the course of a whole weekend. It's a shame because this would have been a good opportunity to network with some amazing people, and also possibly advertise my business. I told Chris that if any other event like this comes up he needs to tell me about it right away.  In any case, he'll definitely fill me in on all the juicy details that happened at this one.

God, I miss him so much. He's planning to move out of his dad's house within 6 months and he's always telling me I should get my own place too. It would be great if we could eventually have an apartment together but I cannot afford that at all. I don't even have a license yet! I feel so far behind in life. :|

But um yeah, as I said on the jewelry business front I am doing okay. I had a whole lot of disappointment over the summer when I did a 3 day craft fair and didn't make ANYTHING the first day. I only ended up making half the table price. The next one, which was a 2 day one in September, was better and I managed to double the table price. The woman who ran that fair and owns the property which the it took place at (it's a historical estate) absolutely loves me and will contact me when any other events pop up, which is excellent since she knows I'm also a singer. Earlier this month I also did a "Women's Expo" at my local library which showcased female entrepreneurs. It was a juried one and I was surprised I was even accepted since this thing has been going on for 12 years and there are so many recurring businesses that attend. Anyway, I almost managed to TRIPLE the table cost. I was really happy, and so was my grandma who helped me out there since my mom was at work at the time.

After observing some fandom-related things that have sold like crazy, I decided to make a collection of jewelry dedicated to BBC's Sherlock. I've been advertising on Tumblr and I actually managed to make over 10 sales! I'm doing this giveaway over there, where 2 winners will receive a bracelet and matching earrings. So far there's almost 150 participants and it ends on Halloween night. I've uploaded a lot of other things on my etsy shop as well, so I hope you guys check it out!

While I'm (mostly) fine, home life has been rather depressing. An electrician came to the house last month since we were having a lot of issues and it turns out our wires outside were actually fried. The back door was broken at the time and didn't really shut unless you slammed it shut. Anyway, my 12 year old white Persian Mr. Jingles ended up wandering out of the house. He's been missing ever since.  We have done absolutely EVERYTHING we can in attempts to get him back. Flyers have been sent to over 300 neighbors, we've put up posters in public places that would allow them, and we even signed up for a lost pet service that calls over 25 vet offices and shelters around our area.

My next door neighbor said she saw an animal that might be him slinking around in her yard late at night the day after he went missing. A week later the man who lives behind us saw him hide under his shed but one of the local outside cats chased him away. So many of my neighbors have been very concerned and call our house for suggestions where he might be looking for food since there are a lot of wild cats in our neighborhood that people come and feed every once in a while. We've gone to each of them frequently. About a week ago someone said they thought they saw him at night about 2 blocks over, and almost every night my mom has been walking along the roads calling his name, but so far nothing. She's really been depressed about it and is always telling us that we're not doing enough. In reality though, we've done every possible thing we can imagine.

Also, I haven't really been playing sims lately. My game got corrupted and I've been too busy to even think about re-installing. I really want to play though. It would be a great way to take my mind off things. 

Well, I guess that's enough right now. I might post a few pictures of my latest jewelry creations in another entry since I can't access my new jewelry business blog at the moment, but we'll see. 

Hope you guys are doing well! 




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Oct. 27th, 2012 09:05 pm (UTC)
I've never seen the bbc show for Sherlock but I really do adore the bracelets and I wish I had them all!

I'm glad to hear that you keep in contact with Chris. I would say to not feel behind on life, but I know how it feels about the whole driver's thing. So, I hope that changes for you.

I'm happy to hear about the craft fairs/expos! I hope continue to do well in them. :D
Oct. 31st, 2012 08:47 pm (UTC)
I'm glad to know you're keeping in contact with Chris, good friends are hard to come by and it seems like you two are friend-OTP :P
I'm sorry that Mr. Jingles is still missing, hopefully he'll get caught soon, Sandy better not have hurt him or any of you *shakes fist*
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