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Don't Know What To Do With Myself...

Where have I been?  Well, the logical explanation would be in the deep, dark depths of Tumblr since I have been posting/reblogging like a maniac.  But the fact of the matter is, I have schoolwork. Lots of it.  And I have the worst case of senioritis ever.  I've been putting off EVERYTHING since midterms and now there's only a few weeks left of school.  Nothing I've handed in lately has been on time.  I'm just SO TIRED of being at Five Towns, and it's really showing in my work. I can't really say I'm surprised though, since I've been in college for 6 fucking years- and I still can't graduate until August because I have to squeeze a full years worth of voice lessons into a few weeks.  Luckily, I'll be having the same vocal coach as I have now and we've been picking out songs toward my recital this entire year.  Unluckily, this whole fiasco would have been avoided if this college would accept the private lessons that I took when I went to community college. I feel like those 2 years of lessons were such a waste of money and gas. I tried fighting it but everywhere I went people said the same thing; no college credits, no waiver.  

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As much as I love Dragon Age, once I made all the characters I could possibly think of I just HAD to try something different.

Enter Tumblr, where I kept seeing Benedict Cumberbatch's interesting (yet lovely) face all over my dash.  "My God," I thought while looking at Sherlock GIFs, "He has expressions just like a sim!"  So of course, since I love unique faces and a challenge I decided to make a Sherlock sim despite not seeing a single episode.  That prompted me to make one of John Watson as well.

After finally doing an extensive Google search, I managed to acquire the 1st series of Sherlock- and managed to get not only me, but my entire family hooked! It's an amazing show, and we've just finished watching the 1st episode of series 2. There have been some occasions where members of my family have said after hearing something Sherlock did/said "Omg that's SOOO Van." I'm not quite sure what to think of that. :P

Anyway, the following sims actually live in SimThedas in an apartment complex called Baker Street.  It's funny, I have over 40 DA sims living in the hood and they've yet to meet one of them.  I can't wait to see some ridiculous crossover action! XD

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Hi everybody!  Just giving everybody a heads up about my new custom content that I shared over at GOS.

They are called Brecilian Thaig because I combined the name of the forest the Dalish elves live in with the ancient parts of the Dwarven city Orzammar.  With that being said, this set features 2 elf and 2 dwarf face paints.  And of course, you don't have to have a DA related sim to wear them- I'm sure they'd look amazing on rsupernatural sims like aliens and witches. :D


As many of you know, I am a college senior dorming at Five Towns College, a music business/performing arts college in Long Island, New York.  I transferred here in 2009, after graduating from Suffolk Community College (Also in LI) with a vocal performance degree.  Little did I know that I was admitting myself into one of the most corrupt institutions in the United States.

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This, my friends, is just ONE of the problems I've had in this college.

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With all the negative things that have spewed out of my mouth, I must say that my fellow students here are amazing.  Though you find a bunch of egomaniacs here and there, many are SO talented and open minded.  The teachers here definitely know their stuff as well...  However, and I know it's very mean to say but even the faculty members agree- I cannot wait for this greedy bastard to drop dead.  And THANK GOD I'm graduating!


Where Am I?

I realize I've been sort of inactive on LJ for quite a while.  Besides being busy IRL (I was completely swamped with school last semester. :|) I do have another reason.  While I will never leave my livejournal completely and I do check my friends list every day, I seem to have moved my sim-spam related posts to my Tumblr.  It's so much easier to make short picspam posts on that website instead of feeling the need to make extremely long entries with commentary like I used to do here on LJ.  I'll still pop in here every once in a while to post downloads (I have a long list Dragon Age sims I have yet to share!) and real life updates- but if you need me for anything chances are you can catch me on my Tumblr site.  

My name on there is PhunkyVanSpam and besides sims you can find me reblogging a whole load of crap- mostly consisting of cute animals or Dragon Age related things.  So, if you like sims, cute animals (mostly cats), Dragon Age, OR Dragon Age Sims- Come on over to my Tumblr page! :P



I've been extremely busy these past 2 months, between preparing for a big holiday craft fair....  And something special for you guys!  You see, I was part of the Garden of Shadows Month-Long Advent Calendar, and boy has it been a great (albeit time consuming) experience.

My December 31st post contains 2 (Dragon Age) sims, face paints for your supernatural sims, a large set of both maxis painting recolors and maxis match geneticized eyes, plus a silly set of lingerie for males!

Merrill the Christmas Elf hopes you had the Happiest of Holidays. :P


Holiday Love Meme

Originally posted by strange_tomato at Holiday Love Meme
It's that time of year again! The third annual sims community holiday love meme is up at allthingsimlish, so we can once again share the love for our fellow simmers. You should drop by, sign up, and anonymously leave a comment or two (or three or four...). It's fun to spread the warm fuzzies. ^_^

Thanks to naughtydolphin for setting the community up and posting the meme year after year. You rock!

A Small Halloween Gift...

I hope everyone has had a fun Halloween!  My week has been pretty uneventful, though I did get to go to class dressed up like an elf. :P

Here's a small gift for the occasion...  They've been packaged on my desktop waiting to be uploaded for ages.  What other time would be perfect to post a spirit trapped inside a decaying corpse and a blood mage?

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(Random title is random- will be explained later. :P)

I've been pretty busy because of school related things. Midterms can be quite a bitch, and studying for them has put all my simming on hold. I did, however, manage to find some free time to make a little something for the GOS monthly theme, Rock N' Roll & Mythology. I know I've said quite a few times that I want to go back to making original sims, but this was an opportunity I just couldn't pass up.

I present to you... Mr. David Bowie! You have NO IDEA how long I've wanted an excuse to make a sim of this guy. Over the summer (and now) I've been pretty much listening to him non-stop. It's quite ridiculous how much I love this man, and I hope he's doing well- there was a rumor going around a few weeks ago on YouTube that he was dead. (He's not!)

I originally intended to make Ziggy Stardust, but that would require A LOT of custom content requests. (For instance, his hair would totally need to be a conversion of this) Besides, although he was wasted out of this mind throughout 1976 I think his Thin White Duke getup was pretty sexy.

Anyway, the download can be found Here! :D

Oh, and the title? It comes from a cut bit of dialogue from Dragon Age 2 (said by male Hawke) that is so ridiculous I burst out laughing whenever I hear it. You can check it out on my tumblr.