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My thoughts go out to you, my Immortal Beloved!

Van, the Resident Hobbit
15 June 1988
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"Why this deep sorrow when necessity speaks- can our love endure except through sacrifices, through not demanding everything from one another; can you change the fact that you are not wholly mine, I not wholly thine."

-Ludwig Van Beethoven, Letters to the Immortal Beloved

Hi! My name is Vanessa, known on the internet as Van Squirgle. My screen name, by the way, is pronounced El Squirgle-O. Yeah, it is totally random and has no meaning at all to me. I'm 24 years old, and I currently live on Long Island but I am absolutely DYING to live elsewhere. I recently graduated from college with a degree in vocal performance with a concentration in music business.

I also run a small shop called Phunky Junk N' Jewels, where I sell my handmade jewelry. You can find examples of my work at my website.

But enough about me... This is not your typical journal! That's right, this is my SIMS journal! I absolutely LOVE to create sims- especially of fictional characters and celebrities. I also enjoy sharing said sims with other people, so be on the lookout for download links! You might also find some rants about craft fairs and pictures of my jewelry on here, but I will try and keep those down to a minimum.


Dragon Age (1 and 2)



Favorite Sims Story Quotes:

“Well, those three sitting there are Johnny, Ripp, and Ophelia. Johnny's the green one, Ophelia's the pretty one, and Ripp is the one that looks like he might ask you for some change on the street corner.”
-Tank Grunt, from Strange_Tomato’s Christmas Special.

"Errr, yeah... come inside. Come in, I mean. Come with me... Enter - Enter the house."
-Frances J. Worthington III (From Strangetown, Here We Come: Chapter 23)

"Grunting, huh? That's what us Grunts do best."
-Ripp Grunt: Strangetown, Here We Come: Chapter 25, part 1

"Beau: Don't tell me I'm actually gayer than you are?
Frances: I didn't realize that this was a competition."
-Strangetown, Here We Come: Chapter 26, part 2

“I was going to make this big production of proposing. Candles... roses... dinner... the whole nine fucking yards. But here I am in my underwear, probably smelling of spit up milk and baby shit, and I’m proposing anyway."
-Ripp Grunt Poison's Bend, Chapter 9

"It looks like a giant dildo."
-Kevin Standish, talking about the sock hippo in the IKEA Stuff Pack in this outtakes post of the Standish Legacy.

“Don’t blame me for your. . . plumbing issues.”
-Albert to Pascal in Madame_Ugly’s entry to Storytellers Challenge #4

"AGAMEMNON POLLINATOR! Have you been sans underwear all evening?!" -Paul Tech, Peculiar: An Affair to Remember: Part 3 (Section 2)

"Bridges: Relax, Lil! I've got everything figured out! I'm a pirate, remember?
Lily: You are an ex-hacker, Salomon. You surf the Internet, not the seven seas, remember?
Bridges: Pffft! It's the same thing!"
-Tim Broke (As Bridges) and Jan Tellerman (As Lily) in the trailer for ARR! The Search of The Hidden Booty.

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The Dresden Dolls are angry love.